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Welcome to my site!!

My Pets
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This page is about my pets<3


This part is about Tigger. We had him for 3 years. 1 year ago in Febuary he died the whole family was tore up(especially my sister) he was like family to us not just a pet. My whole family loved him like he was a human he died of a kidney infection. I really miss him a lot everyone does. He will always be in out hearts forever. WE LOVE YOU TIGGER!!!!

This looks almost like Oreo

This part is of Oreo my baby he is my lil' angel I love him so much he is sooo cute he is all black on the back and white in the middle lolz he looks like an oreo. He is 2 years old. He is a momma's boy lolz

This is about Lil Bit, she is sooo cute she is my little angel she is so small for her age she is almost 1 this year but she is also very platful and loves to get attention all the time she is very lovable and she also loves food. She aint afraid of little dogs because she gets along with my aunt's puppy. Anyways I love her by the way she is my sister's cat lolz anyways I love her a lot she is our lil "mommy"

This looks just like Tigger

This looks like Lil Bit

I hope you like my site!