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All the boys I liked in my life

Hey this page is about all the boys I ever liked lolz if your a guy you might see your name on there:)


Okay here they are(* means I dated them)....

Matt Roberts- he was the first guy I ever liked( when I was 4)

Travis.W- he used to live us with him mom and bros I loved him *

Mark.P- he was the first boy I ever liked in school(in the 2 grade)

Jacob.A- I liked him in the 3 grade he is really nice

Kenny.B- he is REALLY HOT!!! I liked him in 4 grade

Matt. Roach-  OMG!!!! HE IS SEXY!!! I liked him in 5 grade

Jacob.H- I met him over summer after 5 grade, I love him *

Sean.O- he was awsome lolz I dated him the same summer as Jacob*

Nathan L I liked him because he looked like Travis and he was really nice(6 grade)

Matt.R- I liked him when I moved schools in 6 grade he is nice

Brett.C- he used to be my neighbor he was a good friend

Kyle.R- I really liked him he is hot I almost dated him but I moved:(

Shane.T- he was ok we talked sometimes but webroke up after summer *

Jacob Ayola- I liked him a lot but he turned out to be a jerk *

Dillion.D- he was ok but I never really liked him a lot *

Dillon.P- he was awsome! I liked him a lot he still likes me *

Miguel.C- he is my friend's husbin's cousin he is really hot*

Alex-I used to like him a lot I used to see him all the time he still likes me *

Jeremey.W- he was ok we talked all the time I broke up with him cus Jacob dont like him*

Will.P- he was a huge player but I still liked him idk why *

Randell L- he was Will's friend I  liked him more then Will *

James.F- he was ok but we always got in fights *

Zach.E- he is cool we are still friends *

Thomas.M- he was fun but he moved I liked him *

Aaron.T- he was awsome but he got mad at me cus I talked to Dillon *

Mike.P- we dated for a while and I got tired of him *

Derrek.N- he was really cool lolz. I really liked him

Jacob.B-I used to like him a lot

Matt.H- he goes to my school he is sexy!!

J.R.F- I used to like him but now he is like a bro to me

Zach.R- he is ok we talk sometimes

Michael.C- I liked him in 6 grade he is okay but really hot!!!

Rodney.H- he was a good friend he just never knew I liked him

Andrew.B- I like him right now but I think I just want to stay friends

Buddy.W- we just broke up believe me it didnt work out *

Dustin.S- he is my friend's boyfriends brother he is really HOT!

Nathan.O- he is a cool friend but Im just gunna stay friends *


                                     Internet Guys

Jacob.P- he is really nice and fun and I guess I still like him but out friendship means more to me *

Alex- he is awsome I really care for him

Corey- I like him because he is really fun and funny lolz

Daniel- he is a good friend and a good person all together *

David-he is awsome and very nice I like him a lot

James- I used to like him now I just like him as a friend

Jesse- he is cool and really HOT!*

Mark- he is really cool we sometimes talk on the phone

Peter- he is sooo cool I love to talk to him!!!

R.J- he is really cool but I like him more as a friend *

Sean- OMG!!! he is soooo HOT!!!!!

Travonee- he is sooo awsome and fun to talk to

Victor- I like him becaue he has a really good personality

Zae- he is awsome and fun I like to talk to him~

Carel- he is sooo awsome and fun I like to talk to him and I also really like him

Billy- he is really funny and I love to talk to him especially when he plays his music lolz



I hope you like my site!