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About Jacob H. The boy I love!!

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This is about Jacob H.


Your probably wondering why im making a page about one certain person. Well that is how much I care about him. We met 3 years ago at a campground, we dated on the first day because I told my sister that I thought he was cute, and she told him lolz, I dont know what happened then, but I do know that my sister said we were datin. From then on I liked him no matter what. He is really nice except when you get on his nerva then you better watch out! He has an older brother that is really nice and helps me out a lot especially when it comes to Jacob. Me and Jacob has been through a lot together, like we went to the skating rink, to the drive-in, a football game, he has been to my house and I have been to his house, we have been to the pool(of course) to Sonic, Trick or Treating, the last time I talked to him was in October, we got in a huge fight, he made me cry all night. But one time really hurt me a lot was when he dated Allison. I hate her a lot. Thank gosh I have my sister and my friends to help me throuhg it. I might love him but truthfully sometimes I wish I never  met him but most of the time i'm glad I did meet him! I wish I could tell you how I feel for real. Im so sceared to talk to him now, I dont know what to say to him, or what he'll say to me. I'm sceared to get hurt again because he was the only one( besides Travis) that I felt this wat about! Well I'll tell the best way I can. Jacob can be shy at frist,but once you get to know him he is one WILD child.Jacob dont like to show his chest.When he was younger he has a lil accenident with hot coffee that spilt on him and it left some burns on him.It makes me and him upset to talk bout it but we never let it got between us cuz i still loved him and still do love him for who he is not wat he looks like.Jacob and I have been throught hell,fire,and back and still manage to be friends or more then friends.Jacob will alwayz be my first love NO MATTER WHAT. I want to talk to him again but im so sceared to call him. My heart beats uncontoleable every time I hear his name or his uoice I  get nurvise :(  I love Jacob with all my heart and I cry when I think about him. I really dont want to get into it because I will start cryin. Im sorry for tellin yall this im sure you dont want no know about my love life. Anyways that is all about Jacob     THANX    *Amanda*


2 hearts beat as 1

I love Jacob this much

Have you ever found the one you've dreamed of all your life you'd do anything to look into their eyes?

Have you finally found the you've given your heart to only to find that one wont give their heart to you?

Have you ever searched for words to get you in their hearts but you dont know what to say and you dont know where to start?

Have you ever closed your eyes and dreamed that they were there and all you can do is wait for that day when they would care?

If I didnt explain how I feel about Jacob clearly, maybe you'll understand by this song!!!!


I hope you like my site!