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Welcome to my site!!

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This is some of my friends.....


Hey, this is abot all of my friends...

 friends... Jennifer - she is really nice and she is alwayz there for someone when they need them! Amy- she is really cool. Dylan- he is ok sometimes. Hillary- she is awsome! Hayley- she is cool. Amanda- she is cool, she was one of the first ppl I met down here. Heather- she is cool sometimes.Jessica- she is my best friend.Carolann- she is awsome she is like my sister we call each other sis Amber- she is really nice and is fun. That is all I can I prolly missed some sorry.

Online friends... Hannah- she is really cool we have been through a lot together LOVE YOU! Jacob- he is sooo awsome you'll learn more about him on my Jacob P page.Nathan- he is cool sometime but I dated him twice lolz. Daniel- I really like him because he is nice. Zack- he is a lil weird but im used to him he is awsome.Yovanny- now this kid is WEIRD!but I still love him( as a buddy) Bubs- he is cool to talk to. Billy-  he is nice and fun. Sean- he is cool and he is HOT! Clint- he is ok but im sorte mad at him right now.Marla- she is Yovanny's sis, she is awsome! Chris- he is awsome I love him! Zae- he is cool and funny.Max- me and him been through hell and back but now were friends again, and thats how I like it Peter- he is awsome for a 12 year old lolz. and Victor- he is really nice i like him lolz.  If I missed you just tell me and I will put you on here( maybe)              THANX!!        *Amanda*


I hope you liked this page because I love all of my friends and if I missed you I am very very very sorry but I still love you!!!!

Information about my friends....

Okay here is some info about my friends....

I love them all even if I forgot to put them on there(sorry) I wish I could make an individual page for all of them but that would take forever! Oh well it is all good here. My friends are always there for me and most of them dont lie to me or try to hurt me so im glad to have such goo friends



I hope you like my site!