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My Aaron Carter Fan Site!!!!

Aaron is my hero!

Biography of Aaron Carter
Aaron Carter's CDs
Aaron is my hero!
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Aaron, Aaron, Aaron!...

News on Aaron....

This is about Aaron. I love Aaron a lot im a really BIG fan. I will probably like him a lot longer from now. I like pictures, songs, and things he says. I even have an Aaron Carter dall lolz! I love it!!!! I know a lot of stuff about him but I perfer not to put it on this site.      * Amanda *                                  

this looks like my doll

Aaron Carter is SEXY....

Aaron Carter is sooo sexy have you ever seen him without his shirt?! It is nice. Anyways I hope everyone like it! I really worked hard on it. I hope it comes out good!

By Aaron's fan: *Amanda*

My Aaron....

Hey, this is Aaron fan!!! I want to meet him sooo bad. Do you know about Nick Carters new CD coming out? If you like Nick you should cheak it out it is supposed to be really awsome!

sexy Aaron

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I am Aaron Carter Krazy...