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Aaron Carter's CDs
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Aaron's CDs


some information about Aaron's CDs


This  page is about Aaron's CDs .He has really good CDs. Most of which he sings love songs , whisc I like a lot. They are really nice and are not bad none of his songs have cussing or bad talk in them just normal nice songs the way music should be!!!!

Aaron Carter: Oh Aaron


This is Aaron Carter's 3rd cd "Oh Aaron".It is has tracks on it such as:Oh Aaron,Kid in You,Lil Cowgirl,Not too young and not to old,and other great tracks.It is a good cd so check it out sometime.


My Faveroate CD


My faveroate CD was his first full album" Aaron Carter" because it is reall cool and I like his songs and he sounds soooo CUTE in the songs!!! He is only 10 when he made the CD so that is more cool. I really love Aaron Carter!!!!!!!!

I am Aaron Carter Krazy...