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Biography of Aaron Carter

Biography of Aaron Carter
Aaron Carter's CDs
Aaron is my hero!
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All about aaron...

Aaron Carter

on this you will see information about Aaron and his faveroates Ihope you like it...

hey this is about his personality and what he like and dislikes...

his personality:laid back and acts like a normal kid. He is very casual and he never gets annoyed by his fans.He just acts like a normal 17 year old kid..

all about Aaron...

he was born in Tempa Bay, Flordia on 12/7/87

he has 3 sisters(Angel(twin) Bonnie Jane(BJ)and Leslie and 1 brother(Nick of the BackStreet Boys)

Aaron's career started wen he was 7, he was the lead singer of a band called "Dead End"but the band soon parted becacse Aaron wanted to be pop and the other band wanted to be alternative. In March, 1997, Aaron sang during a BSB concert in Berlin, German, he stole the show! In 1997 he realesed his first single"Crush On You." His first full album hit stores in the USA on June 16, 1998. Aaron ranked a 52 on the Rolling Stone's Hot 100 Artists. One of Aaron's nicknames is "Little Prince of Pop." His pets include more then 9 dogs, 4 cats,2 turtles, and 2 birds. i couldent get all the info in here because it wont fit sorry!!


A little more about Aaron

Date of Birth: December 7, 1987
Age: 17
Full Name: Aaron Charles Carter
First Professional Role: " Crush on You"
Birth Place: Tempa Bay, Flordia


I am Aaron Carter Krazy...